Smartphone and Tablet Charging

Keep merchandised Smartphones and Tablets operational and powered

RTF offers a complete line of mobile phone and tablet charging solutions to ensure display merchandise is powered and ready to attract the customer’s attention.

From mechanical charging that incorporates a simple method where the device’s charge cable is directly connected to the charge cap to a more elaborate strategy of centralized, smart charging RTF has a future friendly, modular system that will ensure years of care free device power ups.

Mechanical, alarm and charging

The hybrid advantage of mechanical and electronic security ensures the charging system is the easiest and most secure retail solution to combat shoplifting.
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Mechanical and charging

A very cost effective solution that incorporates the Recoiler3 Blue, Vise4 but utilizes the devices own charging cable to secure and charge the Smartphone or Tablet. Add a layer of security and download SmartCircle Display to the consumer device.
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