Flexible customization capability

RTF takes pride in providing the customer their own identity, look and feel.  Some industry competition like to drive their security display fixtures to the forefront and after a while there is a only a sea of posts with no individualism.

Your store was designed by world class retail environment professionals and to devote time and energy into making our display mount resemble your vision is our goal. So say good bye to a cookie cutter look and be introduced to RTF’s “attention to your detail” where if you want it white and half the size – consider it done.

Your unique product requirement is RTF’s opportunity to demonstrate our ability to modify one of our standard products or design a special solution for your system. We all know that at times for want of that special niche product, network managers, VAR’s or OEM’s are willing to compromise in order to get their needs met. At RTF Global, we are dedicated to helping you meet your most demanding remote site management requirements. Your innovative concept may already be an off-the-shelf RTF product!

Our applications engineers stand ready to work with you. Call or e-mail your requirement. You will always get a prompt reply. You will never be put into the dreaded “press * or #” endless voice mail loop. A live knowledgeable applications engineer will answer the phone, ready to service your needs.

Verizon Store

Utilizing Vise3 and alarmCharge
  • RTF has worked with Target for over 5 years supplying a product that dates back to the company’s inception in 1997, Boomerang.

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  • 09 Custom Display And Security Stands

    iPhone Anti-Theft, power and alarm shoplifting prevention systems for retail stores

  • 25 Samsung Xoom Playbook Tablet Anti Theft Security

  • 01 IPad Security In Retail Stores

  • Lg005

    LG now successfully markets its range of wireless devices at the Air Canada Center in Toronto Canada.

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