RTF Services

Our Capabilities

RTF can execute everything from a one-time project to an integrated, multi-year roll-out. Our skills cover the installation, training, support and service of our products and everything in between.

Our portfolio of services includes display security that promotes sales and customer interaction, traffic counting that calculates customer activity as well as product popularity, system management that sponsors ease of use and service, store and facility maintenance and secret shopper. Using the right combination of these ingredients, we can create the recipe for your success.

Flexible Customization Capability

RTF takes pride in providing the customer their own identity, look and feel. Some industry competition like to drive their security display fixtures to the forefront and after a while there is a only a sea of posts with no individualism.
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Innovation, Design and Prototyping

The need or the idea is cultivated at RTF’s global thinkRanch where a worldwide team of mechanical, electronic and software engineers along with customer service, sales, and operational team members meet to discuss a new solution.
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