Mechanical protection

Locking merchandise solutions for smartphones, tablets and smartwatches

RTF excels at providing flexible mechanical display security options to attractively present merchandise in retail stores. From the simple Boomerang system to Vise, the world renowned locking claw that provides optimum security, excellent customer interaction and unparalleled display quality RTF focuses on spotlighting your product and making ours invisible.

The Vise premise was taken from the principle diamond ring.  Show off the diamond and rely on the ring’s setting to hold and secure the diamond in a minimalist way. The diamond is a Smartphone and the setting … Vise5.

Select from a wide range of recoilers, retractable tethers along with detachable ends and make your next display fixture a success by incorporating RTF’s high quality mechanical security solutions.

Boomerang = control     |     Vise = security

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