Retail Mobile Device Management

Retail Mobile Device Management

Interactive marketing campaigns

RTF was very proud to introduce the future of retail device management back in 2013,

SmartCircle is a set of applications loaded to smartphones and tablets turning these lazy display devices into powerful security, metrics and digital media systems.

Today, smartphone theft is ridiculously high and brazen thieves are stealing devices at an alarming rate but with SmartCircle installed benefit denial is realized through locking the smartphone so thieves have no opportunity to sell these stolen devices on the street illegally.

Also SmartCircle alerts staff or head office of the theft via various channels, pinpointing the GPS location and appropriately uses the on-board camera to send photos of the environment.

SmartCircle is available for download today for Android and iOS.


RTF is proud to be part of a new software partnership with some of the most dynamic coders and system architects in the world!

Our partner company is called SensorMedia and the main goal is to develop rock solid software applications so retailers can turn displayed smartphones into devices that increase their Retail Net Worth.

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SmartCircle is a wireless, app-based network that uses smartphone and tablet intelligence to secure, monitor, and run marketing messages on smart devices in retail stores.

One of the most popular applications is to remove the need for paper price tag management and use the Android smartphone as an electronic price card. Smart and environmentally friendly.

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