RTF | Tablet and iPad Retail Fixture Protection

Apple iPad, Surface Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab

After the introduction of the iPad years ago, tablets have become a mainstay in our homes and on display in retailer’s stores.

Tablets are not at the same level of risk as smartphones so security is more dialed down towards a high level of control and tape based, Boomerang solutions.

For DEFCON 5 type environments Vise5 allows you to dial up the security to the far right and utilize Vise5 +S.

RTF recommends starting with Boomerang5 or Boomerang5 +. For more of a mechanical advantage where arms clamp to the device the most flexible is Vise5 + and for bespoke, one for one security choose Vise5 S+.

A mechanical recoiler with curly cable power cord provides the greatest level of value and security –

Aesthetically pleasing at a great value
Easily add alarming
Single fixture display with alarm and charging
Power and alarm available
Power and alarm available
Power and alarm available
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