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Vise3+ includes everything necessary for your one-of-a-kind display solution.

With the ever increasing power demands of Smartphones and Tablets, keeping them charged while on display is a necessity.

RTF’s Vise3+ provides industry leading physical and electronic security, and charges any device while on display, even when playing 24 hour looping video.

Vise3+ displays any electronic device in landscape or portrait and securely places expensive, fully functional consumer electronics in the hands of shoppers to provide a positive interactive experience.

Vise3+ Display
Vise3+ Display
Vise3+ Display
  • Direct power connection in the cradle ensures full power to the device
  • Future proofs your investment and reduces cost by allowing you to utilize an OEM charger
  • Low profile, secure display solution that enables hands-on customer interaction
  • Security tape and/or screw down options for quick mounting to custom fixtures
  • Unique clamping system for glass displays and when drilling new holes is not possible
  • Compatible with RTF’s existing Vise3 solutions
  • Locking claw for securing handheld devices, phones, tablets, GPS, game systems and other electronic devices with no fear of loss
  • Aircraft cable recoilers provide the strongest security in the industry and eliminates “rip and run” thefts
  • Optional Lock Down features can hold the device in a specific position to allow exact orientation in either portrait or landscape
  • Multiple mounting options: straight, 12 degree, with or without an aluminium oval base and tall or short for secure counter and wall mount displays
  • Pre-theft alarming triggers prior to the removal and loss of the device
  • Retails stores
  • Offices
  • Trade Shows
  • Exhibits
  • Museums
  • Car Dealerships
Charge Cap
Charge cap

Charge caps align into the ridges of the charge mount using rare earth magnets to position the device perfectly… every time. Gold plated contacts between the cap and mount allow the current to flow freely to the device for complete charging. The Vise3+ charge cap and mount easily navigates the Smartphone or Tablet from portrait to landscape instantaneously. A blue LED visually confirms full power charging. Vise3+ provides a large variety of fixture and wall display options that draw attention to the product, not the security system.

Charge mounts
Charge mounts

A variety of mounting options are available in black or white, tall or short and straight or 12 degree. RTF mount options can also be mixed with other mounts or custom base plates. With the combination of the recoiler and strong rare earth magnets, mounting heavier devices such as tablets on a wall fixture is done with ease. All of this with features such as easy lockdown options provides flexibility for any mounting requirement.


Vise3+ quickly secures a wide range of consumer electronics by locking the product between a set of esthetically pleasing and remarkably strong adjustable aluminum arms. These arms are tethered to an alarm protected security recoiler allowing the customer unencumbered use and freedom to experience the displayed merchandise.

All functions of the displayed product remain available giving a positive customer experience, leading to increased sales. With multiple arm sizes, RTF is able to secure nearly every retail device.

Electronic Recoiler
Electronic Recoiler

RTF’s aircraft cable tethers are the strongest in the industry and incorporate pre-theft technology that sounds an alarm if there is any attempt to cut the cable. The alarm sounds before the cable is severed and in most cases the recoiler continues to operate normally. Designed in a variety of configurations, tethering is available in light to heavy, mechanical and alarmed and will accommodate the smallest of products to large applications.

Mechanical Recoiler
Mechanical Recoiler

RTF’s mechanical recoilers are made of aircraft cable and among the strongest in the industry. With a plastic coated steel cable and high quality tensioning spring, the recoiler is durable and virtually inseverable.

The cable connects to a lockable connector ensuring security and a solid connection. With a variety of connector options and pads the ability to customize for a wide range of products our line quickly adapts to secure electronics, tools, camera’s, sunglasses, bluetooth devices as well as dozens of other products in a retail environment.

Alarm and charging system
Alarm and charging system

Live, fully functional Smartphones and Tablets attract customers and drives sales. Electronic alarms add an additional layer of security for high valued products and are available in 2 or 10 port controller options.


Aircraft cable active cutting detection is implemented and if cutting pressure is applied to the recoil cable,or it has been actually cut, an alarm is triggered. Pressure sensors are built into the Vise3+ mounting offering enhanced security. A red LED deters theft and when the sensors is removed an alarm sounds from the hub. Charge ends can be quickly connected and disconnected to and from the Charge cap. The headphone sensor is a mechanical and electronic solution for all Vise products. Mechanically, the headphone sensor works as an additional layer of physical security. Electronically, this sensor works with SmartCircle and Vise3+ as an accurate alarm trigger.

Counter/Wall Mounts
Counter/Wall Mounts

With options to mount devices on the counter or wall, RTF has developed solutions to display merchandise and draw attention to the product not the security system.

RTF also has the ability to custom fit retail fixtures enabling consistency within the retail environment.

Charge ends

Vise3+ allows displayed devices to remain fully charged giving the customer an opportunity to interact and experience the product. Vise3+ charge ends are produced to fit Micro USB, Samsung, Apple and handheld game systems. Charge end security wings eliminate the problem of customers unplugging the charge end from the device. With a low profile, 90 degree locking charge cable, customers will no longer notice or unplug the charging cable.


RTF has a variety of recoiler brackets designed to fit underneath counters or behind wall mounted displays. Brackets ensure the proper positioning of recoilers enabling perfect operation, quick connect and release and long life.


To enhance device security and/or provide alternate mounting options, RTF utilizes high quality custom VHB tape solutions. All tape solutions are custom made to work in conjunction with our sensors, pads and mounts to fit without impeding alarm functionality. Our innovative custom tape for the Vise3+ comes with a pull down tab that enables you to center the solution on the surface of the device before removing the film. This ensures your post is centered on every device, every time. Tape only security solutions are also available for low-risk low-cost scenarios.


Vise3+ lift touch allows the system to trigger device specific media messaging on the device or an exterior monitor when the device is lifted from the mount. Vise3+ lift touch is an extension of our retail suite of products that provides superior customer interaction through “add on” components.


A series of tools are required to properly maintain, secure and provide the RTF “quick release” features through the product line. Tools are made from high quality materials and incorporate multiple functionally within each tool to reduce complication and ease of use.

Sales Support
To discover how RTF can help your organization utilize the Vise3+ system, call us toll-free at (888) 826-7773. Outside the United States and Canada please dial +1 (905) 542-2888 or make your online inquiry.

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