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Vise5 includes everything necessary for your one-of-a-kind display solution.

The Vise retail display system is a universal claw solution that is used to protect virtually every smartphone, tablet and electronic device currently on the market. Using a solid mechanical protection and electronic alarming, the latest rendition of RTF’s Vise series focuses on the strength of a solution instead of the individual components.

Vise5 consists of every necessary accessory and component to protect every merchandised product at any level, from control to extreme security while not compromising display aesthetics.

This aesthetically pleasing system rejuvenates RTF’s passion to be a piece of jewelry that clasps the device securely. More focus is placed on the finishing quality and it is available in silver, black, and white to compliment any device. As beautiful as the system is, it is still low profile with only two arms to ensure that the device it holds is displayed, not the system protecting it.

  • Low profile stance incorporates a set of arms that can protect 100% of handheld devices currently on the market
  • Available in two finishes to compliment any smartphone
  • Ridged charge cap design ensures perfect landscape or portrait orientation every time when the device is on display
  • Less components for easier use and installation
  • Compatible with mounts used in the Vise4 system for an easier upgrade
  • Aluminum claws are lighter and the strongest of the industry
  • Mechanical
  • Electronic
  • Hybrid
  • Retails stores
  • Offices
  • Trade Shows
  • Exhibits
  • Museums
  • Car Dealerships


At the core of Vise5 is the patented Connect. Connect is the epicenter of Vise5 and accepts all peripherals to protect every consumer electronic on the market today.

When investing in a new retail display management analyse the core of the technology and if future flexibility is not supported consider RTF.

Connect is the only platform in our industry that is rekeyable. That means if thieves find a way to bypass the current lock other combinations may be added to counteract their advancements.

Charge cap

The Connect is the epicenter of the Vise5 ecosystem. The arm engages into the Connect, the Connect is locked, the charge cap and cable are placed on the Connect then the recoiler is quickly engaged into the Connect.

The Connect may be mounted to an electronic recoiler, mechanical recoiler, Vise5 LTE or our lock down option.

Charge cap

Due to the design of the Connect, attachments such as arms easily are added and removed by store staff making Vise5 the simplest loss prevention system to install.

Attachments include longer arms for tablets, connectors for digital cameras and even large tape pads for greater adhesive hold.


Charge Caps
Charge cap

Charge caps align into the slots of the Connect and due to rare earth magnets in both the mount and cap positions the device perfectly, every time. Gold plated contact pins between the cap and mount allow an electric current to flow freely to the device for complete charging and a blue LED light on the mount visually confirms full power charging.

With the Vise5 charge cap and mount, devices are quickly and easily positioned in either landscape or portrait.

Vise5 Charge Cap assemblies consist of Charge Cap and either a Micro USB C or Apple Charge End.

Available Mount Colours

Charge Ends
Charge ends

Vise5 ensures displayed devices remain fully charged giving the customer an opportunity to interact with and experience the product. Vise5 charge ends are produced to fit Micro USB C and Apple enabled products.

Charge ends can be quickly connected and disconnected to and from the charge cap using high security tools.

Available Mount Colours

Electronic Recoilers
Electronic Recoiler

As a critical piece of RTF’s security system it is produced following strict quality guidelines, hi-tech machinery, better materials and design.

RTF’s aircraft cable tethers are the strongest in the industry and incorporate PreTheft technology that sounds an alarm if there is any attempt to cut the cable. Designed in a variety of configurations, tethering is available in light to heavy, mechanical and alarmed, and will work for small products as well as large applications.

Our updated Recoilers will minimizes false alarms and have been developed for easier and faster use and installation.

Mechanical Recoilers
Mechanical Recoiler

The new Recoiler4 is configured to allow for the straight mechanical aircraft cable to be spooled. The overall look of the recoiler will remain constant to allow for higher volumes and lower costs.

With a plastic coated steel cable and high quality tensioning spring, the recoiler is durable and virtually inseverable.

RTF’s recoilers can be used in conjunction with the security systems offered or on their own using a Lock Cable to wrap through smaller products.

Alarm Controllers
Alarm and charging system

A new 6 port controller is introduced with a wireless FCC, reprogrammable key fob and a low per port cost to help save money on displayed devices. This new controller is easily recognizable through the blue branding colour and is smaller and lighter than any of its predecessors from RTF.

Simple key fob programming and a Micro USB port for firmware updates make this controller easy to use.

Charge mounts

A variety of mounting options are available in black or white, tall or short, straight or 12 degree. RTF mount options can also be mixed with other mounts or custom base plates. With the combination of the recoiler and strong rare earth magnets, wall mounting heavier devices such as tablets on a fixture is done with ease.

All of this with features such as easy lockdown options provide flexibility for any mounting requirement.

Available Mount Colours


RTF has a variety of recoiler brackets designed to fit under counters or behind wall mounted displays.

Brackets ensure the proper positioning of recoilers enabling perfect operation, quick connect and release as well as long life.


To enhance device security and/or provide alternate mounting options, RTF utilizes high quality custom VHB tape solutions. All tape solutions are custom made to work in conjunction with our sensors, pads, and mounts to fit without impeding alarm functionality.

Our innovative custom tape for the Vise5 comes with a pull down tab that enables you to center the solution on the surface of the device before removing the film. This ensures the Connect is centered on every device, every time.


A series of tools are required to properly maintain, secure and provide the RTF “quick release” features of the Vise product line.

Tools are made from high quality materials and incorporate multiple functions within each tool to reduce complication and enhance ease of use.


A new addition to the Vise5 system is the Display4, an above the counter display that eliminates problems retailers experience with below the counter systems. When recoilers are mounted below the counter there is a higher level of difficulty to maintain the equipment. Display4 moves the recoiler above the counter and houses it an attractive, well designed and secure aluminium enclosure.

The natural aluminum enclosure includes a top plate finished in either black or white to match the charge mount or retail display surface. The standard form is a capsule shape angled at 12° with different lengths still in consideration.

Using a security key on the base, the Display4 can be lifted to replace the recoiler easily and quickly.


LiftTouch allows the system to trigger device-specific media messaging on the device or an external monitor when the device is lifted from the mount.

This system is an extension of RTF’s retail suite of products that provides superior customer interaction through “add on” components.

Other Applications

Vise5 is the perfect solution for handheld devices and can also be used to secure many other items in the market such as smartwatches and cameras.

Using the exact same assemblies and functions as when securing a smartphone, the Vise5 system latches on and keeps smartwatches and other electronic devices secure and accessible for customer interaction.

SmartCircle Metrics

Metrics organically collects store-level customer information using the technology in Smartphone and Tablet devices. Innate device behaviour is gathered from Display devices through SmartCircle’s secured wireless network.

Metrics Dashboard is able to distinguish between customer lifts, touches and interactions. This information provides valuable, accurate insight into key areas of the business: marketing, operations and loss prevention.

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SmartCircle Apps

RTF is first to introduce a new wireless, Mobile Device Management software technology that will impact the world immensely. SmartCircle reduces hardware costs attributed to running security, digital media and metrics systems in retail stores but also the debris from obsolete retail system hardware clogging our landfills.

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Vise LC and LCE

Also available is RTF’s lock cable feature, which ensures security while matching the appearance of the display.

This flexible, locking loop quickly wraps around handles, through button holes, or any secure opening, to provide an added security to other items.

Using a secure tool the lock cable clasps onto the aircraft cable making a safety loop that cannot be tampered with.

Sales Support

To discover how RTF can help your organization utilize the Vise5 system, call us toll-free at (888) 826-7773. Outside the United States and Canada please dial +1 (905) 542-2888 or submit your online inquiry.

Flexible PC/Tablet Security

Vise4 X

Looking for tablet security?

More are available at Vise5 + System
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