Securely and attractively placing your product first

Vise assists retailers worldwide in securely placing expensive, fully functional consumer electronics in the hands of shoppers, providing a positive experience resulting in increased sales.

The Vise retail display system is a universal claw solution that is used to protect virtually every Cell phone, Smartphone, Phablet, Tablet and electronic device currently on the market. Using a solid mechanical protection and electronic alarming, the latest rendition of RTF’s Vise series focuses on the strength of a solution instead of the individual components.


The Vise4 consists of three different sets of claws to provide maximum security for cell phones, smartphones, and small phablets. This aesthetically pleasing system rejuvenates RTF’s passion to be a piece of jewelry that clasps the device securely.

Vise4 X

Vise4 X is a flexible configuration that can fit medium to large tablets, phablets and eReaders. Use anywhere between two and six arms and decide how secure you want your devices to be with this sleek, low profile, and flexible system.

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