RTF | Retail Fixture Security and Mounting Options

Electronic or mechanical recoilers, lock down mounts and coiled solutions

RTF provides three means to connect your merchandised smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or digital camera to your display.

The first is a full lift option and our traditional recoiler and is configured as mechanical only, using 7×7 aircraft cable or mechanical and electronic using the same secure braided technique.

These two options are settable in either lift or lock down mode and recoilers are installed below the counter or above the counter utilizing  Display4.

Secondly RTF offers a solution that implements a curly cord resulting in an outstanding customer experince at the same time providing exceptional value.

And for the highest level of security RTF provides bullet proof protection and security through our LD or lock down mounts.

Electronic aircraft cable

Mechanical aircraft cable

Vise5 LTE

Lock down mount



12 degree charge mount

Straight charge mount

Mechanical mount


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