Recoiler, Retractors, Tethers and Pull Boxes

Recoilers, retractors, tethers, retractable pull boxes are all the same – the names are only different. Recoilers allow the customer to interact with display merchandise while keeping it safe from shoplifting all the while the display is visually pleasing, promoting sales. These pull boxes secure displayed products in retail stores by using the highest bond 3M VHB tape.

RTF manufacturers both mechanical aircraft cable Recoilers as well as Electronic Aircraft Cable Tethers that incorporates an industry first technology – preTHEFT. When attempting to cut the cable the alarm sounds before the cable is severed and in most cases the recoiler continues to operate normally after.

Electronic Aircraft Cable

Mechanical Aircraft Cable

Small and appealing

Long life

Various sizes
Different connectors

Custom solutions
Our applications engineers stand ready to work with you. Call or e-mail your requirement. You will always get a prompt reply. You will never be put into the dreaded “press * or #” endless voice mail loop. A live knowledgeable applications engineer will answer the phone, ready to service your needs.

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