SmartCircle | Retail Display Management

Active control of merchandised live smartphones and tablets

ALL-In-One Retail Experience

SmartCircle unleashes the power of each merchandised smartphone and tablet collecting valuable customer metrics as well as security and up time status, ensures Planogram compliance and delivers the most interactive, engaging digital marketing experience directly to the live display.

SmartCircle delivers a cohesive and relevant shopping experience placed directly on live merchandised smartphone and tablets. As technology continues to empower consumers, a seamless, integrated approach to the customer experience through all available shopping channels is a must-have for retailers.

SmartCircle offers the technology you need to efficiently engage your customers, view and manage omni-channel marketing message and device information across all screens.

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  1. Smart Price Tags – ON or OFF device your choice
  2. Digital label & fact tag device – ON or OFF device
  3. Attract loop or screen saver on live smartphones and tablets
  4. Display wearables and accessories digital labels
  5. “Sale” on nearby TV screen
  6. Retail Demo Mode experience
  7. Live display counters (metrics)
  8. Compliance and planograms management
  9. Kiosk tablets
  10. Power removal security
  1. We keep live devices on and make them to attract customers with great visuals
  2. Retail Display Management for wireless retailers and technological department stores
  3. Easy to deploy, with minimal hardware cost
  4. Utilize the merchandised smartphones and tablets as marketing displays
  5. Provides solutions specifically tailored to meet the operating challenges of mobile phone retailers
  6. Better by service – enterprise ready
  7. Interact with customers right on device that they desire
Utilize live Displays to run marketing campaigns

Why not maximize the high quality screen while Displays are idle? SmartCircle manages Smartphone and Tablet devices to promote your latest marketing campaigns or publishes a digital price tag. Silent salesmen or self assist features increase activations.

Real time, Smart Planograms

Ensure compliance and view live Planograms across all your stores. See when the Display was merchandised and proactively locate misplaced Displays. Log in to the Metrics Enterprise Portal to add your next Planogram campaign and distribute to 1 or 1000 stores.

Interact with your customers right on the live Display

Organically collect customer information and make better, strategic decisions. Create marketing campaigns such as “Like us on Facebook” or gather customer information through interactive HTML5 web forms.


SmartCircle’s network supports Smartphones and tablets as well as all other devices that run Android and iOS operating systems.

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