Boomerang5 +

More tape coverage, greater control

As live, merchandised devices such as the iPad or Galaxy Tab become commonplace in retail, display hardware needs to remain powered on and ready for customer interaction.

Boomerang5 + offers device charging as well as security, allowing customers to interact with a live device, all the time. This product is manufactured with quality and long lasting materials, it is aesthetically pleasing and functional, and always delivers on price.

Boomerang5 + is compatible with both electronic and mechanical recoilers and supplies alarming through the controller.

Boomerang5 + is available in black and white.


  • Full alarm protection and 24-7 device charging
  • Displays handheld devices, Tablets, Phablets, GPS, and others with full access to function buttons
  • Two finishes – black and white
  • Offers flexibility to secure nearly every device on the market
  • Aircraft cable recoilers provide the strongest security in the industry
  • Low profile, secure display solution encourages hands-on customer interaction
  • Solid construction allows devices to be used repetitively
  • High security tools enable effortless setup and removal
  • Quickly mounts to all displays or fixtures, including counter tops and walls
  • Flexible, available as mechanical, electronic and hybrid security solutions
  • 360 degree swivel eliminates tether wear
  • Retails stores
  • Offices
  • Trade Shows
  • Exhibits
  • Museums
  • Car Dealerships

Boomerang5 + is a simple, let highly effective security and display device for live, fully functional consumer electronics.

Quick connect, disconnect makes re-merchandising effortless and the low profile 3M VHB tape pad disappears on the back of the displayed merchandise.

Mechanical Recoiler

RTF’s mechanical recoilers are made of aircraft cable and among the strongest in the industry. With a plastic coated steel cable and high quality tensioning spring, the recoiler is durable and virtually inseverable.

The cable connects to a lockable connector ensuring security and a solid connection. With a variety of connector options and pads the ability to customize for a wide range of products our line quickly adapts to secure electronics, tools, camera’s, sunglasses, bluetooth devices as well as dozens of other products in a retail environment.


RTF has a variety of recoiler brackets designed to mount out of sight. These brackets are designed to fit on the interior of fixtures, underneath counters and behind wall mounted displays.

Brackets ensure the proper positioning of recoilers, enabling correct operation, quick connect and release, and longevity.


RTF has designed and developed a display mounts to both charge and alarm devices through the Boomerang5+. These mounts are available in white and black finish options to blend with any retail environment. Custom mount options are also available to fit specific branding criteria.


To enhance device security RTF utilizes the highest quality 3M VHB tape products custom made for our system. Our tape products work in conjunction with our sensors, pads as well as mounts and are designed to fit without impeding the alarm system.

The tape is provided with each applicable unit and replacements packs are also available.


A series of tools are required to properly maintain, secure and provide the RTF “quick release” features through the product line.

Tools are made from high quality materials and incorporate multiple functionally within each tool to reduce complication and ease of use.

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