A simple, stay straight solution

This straightforward pad is attractive, low profile and very secure.

A Connect and charge cap combine to create the Boomerang5 assembly.

Boomerang5 displays and protects smartphones, tablets, GPS Navs, gaming devices and more.  Using high quality 3M VHB tape, this uncomplicated and effective approach provides display security as well as ultimate customer interaction.

Boomerang5 is compatible with both electronic and mechanical recoilers and supplies alarming through the controller. This product is manufactured with quality, durable materials, is aesthetically pleasing and functional, and always delivers on price. Boomerang5 is available in black and white.

  • Automatic, self-correcting positioning
  • Displays handheld devices, Tablets, Phablets, GPS with full access to function buttons
  • Two finishes – black / white
  • Flexible to control nearly every device on the market
  • Aircraft cable recoilers provide the strongest security in the industry
  • Low profile, secure display solution encourages hands-on customer interaction
  • Solid construction allows devices to be used repetitively
  • Quickly mounts to all displays or fixtures
  • 360 degree swivel eliminates tether wear
  • Always perfect positioning keeps displays neat and always ready for the next customer
  • Retails stores
  • Offices
  • Trade shows
  • Exhibits
  • Museums
  • Car dealerships

This simple, yet highly effective security and display solution for Tablets uses high quality 3M VHB tape. The Boomerang5 is easy to install and flexibly secures a wide range of devices.

Available Mount Colours

Mechanical Recoilers
Mechanical Recoilers

RTF’s aircraft cable mechanical recoilers are among the strongest in the industry. With a plastic coated steel cable and high quality tension spring, the recoiler is durable and virtually inseverable.

With a variety of connector options and pads, our line quickly adapts to secure electronics, tools, cameras, sunglasses, Bluetooth devices as well as dozens of other products in a retail environment.

Electronic Recoilers
Electronic Recoilers

RTF’s powered, aircraft cable tethers incorporate an industry first technology – pre theft. When attempting to cut the cable the alarm sounds before the cable is severed and in most cases the recoiler continues to operate normally.

Recoilers provide the ability to not only secure your devices, but also alarm and charge at the same time directly through the recoiler cable. With USB/RJ11 connectors, the electronic recoiler enables device charging along with a mechanical security solution.

Together with our LiftTouch system, you can utilize the system to trigger device specific media messaging on the device or an exterior LCD monitor.


RTF has a variety of recoiler brackets designed to mount out of sight and to fit on the interior of fixtures, underneath counters or on wall mounted displays.

Brackets ensure the proper positioning of recoilers enabling perfect operation, quick connect and release, and longevity.


To enhance device security RTF utilizes the highest quality 3M VHB tape products custom made for our system. Our tape products work in conjunction with our sensors, pads and mounts.

The tape is provided with each applicable unit and replacement packs are also available.


RTF has designed and developed a custom mount for this Boomerang5 solution. With the correct mount, devices will always return to the proper display position for the next customer experience.

Available Mount Colours

Alarm and charging system
Alarm and Charging System

RTF’s smart alarming technology allows the system to automatically adjust to outside interference as needed in any retail environment.

This firmware enables the retailer to secure, alarm and charge their devices while the system helps prevent alarm sensitivity and false alarms through a series of filtering algorithms.

System operation is seamless and through a one button RF keyfob the 2, 8, or 10 port controller is always armed.


A series of tools are required to properly secure, maintain, and remove the Boomerang5.

Tools are made from high quality materials and are provided with each applicable unit.

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