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Boomerang dates back to RTF’s inception in 1997. Being the first to patent key, detachable sensor technology RTF was well on the way to standing out as an innovative, retail display security and loss prevention company.

Boomerang simply defined is a small, low-profile security pad that attaches to merchandise using a very high bond 3M tape called VHB. These pads match with mounts using magnets along with an intuitive mechanical design to ensure display merchandise always comes back to the spot it started.

The original Boomerang was a cost friendly, fast, easy, and effective visual merchandising solution. After improvements throughout the years Boomerang2 was introduced and our current rendition, Boomerang3 appeared in 2007. This store fixture merchandising system is still going strong today – the solution has been so effective and successful that the basic concept hasn’t changed in 6 years.

In 2011, as the popularity of Tablets increased, so did the rate of theft. The Boomerang3X reduced Tablet shoplifting and is compatible with both electronic and mechanical recoilers and supplies both charging and alarming functionality.

In late 2012 RTF released Boomerang3X+, incorporating charging through the mount and used electronic, aircraft cable recoilers, charge caps along with Apple as well as Micro USB cables.

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Boomerang3 merchandise display security incorporates a series of aircraft cable recoilers, tape pads, end fittings such as Boomerang3 to protect consumer electronics. This smaller footprint, tape based system is low cost and provides excellent display quality and customer interaction.

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Boomerang3X is a live, fully functional Smartphones and Tablets system that attracts customers and drive sales. Add a larger tape surface along with an alarm for greater security and to reduce theft in retail stores.

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Boomerang3X+ include charging for an enhanced customer experience and forget about bringing power cables to your display every night.

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