Alarm Charge

Electronic Smartphone Protection and Charging

No system exists that is as full featured as the RTF alarm, power and alarm security system.  This innovative system pairs an aircraft cable electronic recoiler incorporating a spinning end where if an attempt at cable cutting is made, the alarm notifies the staff prior to product loss.  This Pre Theft advantage along with the longest lasting electronic recoiler in the industry ensures a safe and long lasting experience.

The hybrid advantage of mechanical and electronic security ensures the alarm and charge system is the easiest and most secure retail solution to combat shoplifting.

The displays allow customers to interact with charged, fully-functional electronics and enable the relay of product features and benefits via interactive digital media screens, enhancing the buying experience.

  • Optional universal locking claw for securing handheld devices; phones, tablets, GPS, game systems and others with no fear of loss
  • Ability to display with or without the Vise claw system or just a sensor pad
  • Flexibility to secure and display nearly every device on the market
  • Pre Theft alarming triggers alarm prior to device removal and loss
  • Aircraft cable recoilers provide the strongest security in the industry and eliminates “rip and run” theft
  • Durable aluminum and steel construction
  • Low profile, secure display solution encourages hands-on customer interaction
  • Works with our charging solutions enabling the display of live devices
  • High security tools for effortless set up and removal
  • Quickly mounts to all displays or fixtures
  • Flexible solutions offering mechanical, electronic and hybrid security options
  • 360 degree swivel eliminates tether wear
  • Ability to trigger media on a live device or external screen with add on components
  • LIFETIME Warranty on mechanical parts
  • Retails stores
  • Offices
  • Trade Shows
  • Exhibits
  • Museums
  • Car Dealerships
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