Simple to use, strong and secure, smart and expandable

Through innovative research and design, RTF has developed Smart Retail Automation Systems that secure and charge merchandise, collect customer behaviour metrics and enhance the shopping experience through interactive digital media, while lowering operational costs and environmental impact.

RTF systems perfectly present merchandise, collect data and reduce costs while driving sales, ultimately resulting in unlimited ROI potential.


Boomerang secures display merchandise by utilizing 3M VHB tape to bring devices back to their original position, every time. Designed with flexibility in mind, Boomerang solutions are attractive, low profile and quickly detach using a secure tool.



Vise mechanically and electronically secures merchandise using a set of unobtrusive universal locking claws. Vise systems display and alarm devices in portrait or landscape position while providing power for an enhanced customer experience.



SmartCircle is a cross-platform, peer to peer, Retail Automation System that uses Smartphone and Tablet intelligence to secure and manage devices, collect customer metrics, and play marketing media.



Customers no longer have use for stale PDF manuals, they have less time to learn and have more sophisticated Internet resources available. Support takes a profile based approach to ensure that each time a user logs on, the message is presented in a way tailored to their knowledge level and learning preference.



Mechanical display security incorporates a series of aircraft cable recoilers, tape pads, end fittings such as Boomerang3 or Vise3 to secure consumer electronics with a strong mechanical advantage. These systems are low cost and provide excellent display quality and customer interaction.


Live, fully functional Smartphones and Tablets attract customers and drive sales. Add charging to your alarm for the greatest customer experience and forget about bringing power cables to your display every night.

Digital Media/ Security Software

Interactive digital media is key in grabbing the customer’s attention and converting sales. RTF has added LiftTouch to our entire product line to ensure your digital signage plan can be implemented on any device in your store today or in the future.