Simple and effective charging solution

mechCharge stops false alarms that frustrate customers, discourage staff and is a simple, attractive, cost effective system to display, secure and charge consumer electronics.

You may have experienced this – enter a retail store, walk up to a displayed Smartphone, iPhone or Tablet and pick it up.  The alarm goes off and everyone’s head in the store turns to you – your face turns red and you leave the retailer with and negative impression, embarrassed and feeling like a common criminal.

The store staff quickly becomes jaded and loses confidence in the noise making annoyance and ultimately unplugs the loss prevention system rendering it useless.RTF creates retail environments where embarrassment and nuisance are stopped and positive customer experiences lead to long term and happy clients.

mechCharge secures Apple, Android, Blackberry and Mobile 7 Smartphones by clamping an aluminum reinforced claw around the wireless devices gripping the handset as well as securing the battery.

The aircraft cable recoiler uses a thick, 3mm diameter cable that makes cable cutting with scissors impossible and still allows an enjoyable customer interaction while holding the smartphone.

The iPad, Tablet and Smartphone not only is mechanically secured but also it is fully charged and a RED LED is illuminated to create the impression of an active alarm system.

Today professional thieves enter retail stores with tools in order to steal expensive consumer electronics and after severing the cable an alarm serves only as an alert that the merchandise has been stolen.  Staff’s safety is much more important than the attempt at retrieving a Smartphone.

To discover how RTF can help your organization utilize the mechCharge, call us toll-free at (888) 826-7773. Outside the United States and Canada please dial +1 (905) 584-6826 or make your online inquiry.


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