Stylish enclosure for a standard RTF recoiler

RTF is proud to introduce our newest member of the family… geo. This stylish mechanical recoiler enclosure adds aesthetics, timeless design, and simplicity to any retail project.

Quickly mount the geo to any display surface using very high bond, 3M tape and the secured merchandise remains fully accessible to customers, meanwhile ensuring the retail environment is not negatively impacted by unattractive security cables and cords.

Stylish recoiler enclosure

RTF’s newest innovation is a stylish above the counter display solution. This mechanical recoiler housed inside an attractive dome utilizes the industry’s best aircraft cable tethers. Vise LC clamps attach to the recoiler allowing products to be secured in an aesthetically pleasing way.

The adjustable, locking cable successfully secures a variety of retail display items from power tools to expensive handbags with a sleek, jewelry based appeal and methodology. This flexible, locking loop quickly wraps around handles, through button holes or any secure, closed opening. Using a secure tool the mechanical locking cable clasps onto the aircraft cable making a safety loop that cannot be tampered with. The mechanical recoiler remains above the counter for ease of maintenance and installation, while remaining covered by a stylish dome.

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