Customer Feedback and Testimonials

After listening, we implement

Alejandro, President of Proximate writes:
“Thanks for your note! It only confirms to me more what a great company and a great group of people you guys have! By the way it’s also fantastic to have a new friend in Canada, as I love your country.

“You have a great team and also a great product, we are very excited about the potential of the SmartCircle solution and our customers are very impressed.”

Tom, a Digital Media Specialist at Triangle Communications writes:
“My interaction with the RTF staff has been incredibly great – to say the least. Each individual I’ve worked with has really helped me in a very human, friendly way. Big shout out to Silvana! The products we’re using are the Vise4 system and SmartCircle with the Smart Price Tags. Since we’ve launched customer interaction with our devices has gone up considerably. Plus, we love being able to have a smart marketing campaign all thanks to SmartCircle. All of this has really helped improve the professionalism and positive perception of our brand. We’ll continue to use RTF in all of our store locations, now and into the future!”

Craig, an Operations Manager in Louisiana at Connectivity Source writes:
“I just wanted to send this email to let you know how things are going in our stores since switching to RTF Global. We now have RTF Global in 55 of our locations and things couldn’t be better. Since putting in RTF the amount of demo phones being stolen has dropped significantly. You guys have been a pleasure to work with and we really appreciate the fact that you modified your design to specifically fit our needs. Thanks again and we will talk soon.”

Alejandro over at Proximate Apps writes:
“I just want to thank you for all of your support to configure the demo of the SmartCircle solution for us, it was fantastic!!! There are two things that a great company should have a great product and great people and you guys have it both.

We look forward to continue working with you.”

Matt, a Director of Show Services at IMG LIVE writes:
“Your service has been outstanding! After dealing with some of you competitors and getting nothing short of terrible service, working with you has been awesome! You have been lighting fast in reply and more importantly solution oriented and have educated me on your products allowing us to make the best choices. I look forward to continuing to work together and I will also be forwarding your contact info to other agency friends who have similar needs.”

Corrina, a Marketing & Public Relations Supervisor at Nex-Tech Wireless writes:
“We have been extremely pleased with the products from RTF. The timeliness of the products have allowed us to quickly launch products, such as our iPhones and iPads, in order to remain competitive in our markets. When we first began displaying live units in our locations, we immediately engaged Katalyst for a solution. The RTF devices came highly recommended and have remained our sole solution for security.”

Monica, a Corporate Sales Support Agent at Flat Wireless writes:
“We absolutely love your Vise4 system!”

Brad, a Project Manager at a leading fixture company writes:

 “I used your company’s Vise4 in a bid a few months ago. It looks like a great product hopefully we will win the business!”

Shazia, a Manager at To Go Wireless writes:
“It was a wonderful experience dealing with such a professional company. The RTF team showed care and concern and acted immediately on the issue I had with the product. I was not expecting a reply so quick and within a week got the replacement on the display stands. I was really impressed by the customer service.
I will definitely order more products from a company with such high regard for their customer”


Matthew, a Sprint dealer writes: sprintlogo

“I just wanted to send an email outlining some of the positive things we have experienced over the last few years with RTF,  the product and your customer service as well.

When my company first signed up to test your system we thought it would be a trial in one of our stores… Boy were we wrong! We currently have 9 of our 15 stores utilizing RTF.

I think the RTF solution is superior to its competition due to the following:

    • Universal approach – any phone can use pretty much 1 of 2 claws sizes
    • Flexibility – the ability to use it at our kiosk, in line and standalone locations
    • Durability – the Vise claw that is used and the retracting cable are the most durable in the industry
    • Charging ability – the way the mounts work and charge the phones are better than any other solution, not only is the charging mechanism hidden, neat, and able to charge at any angle but it also utilizes the universal Micro USB format where as other solution use proprietary cables
    • RTF and Doug McIlveen have provided hassle free and helpful ordering, customer support, and great recommendations for new location setup

I hope you can pass this info up the chain and let everyone at RTF know how happy I am that you are now part of the Sprint Exclusive Advantage Program. I am preparing my next order and  add RTF to two more of our locations.

Please feel free to share my review with any other Sprint dealer who might be consider RTF.

Thanks for everything!”

Meaghan from the Guelph Public Library writes: 

“Claudio, our sales rep, was great. He gave me a lot of different options to consider and walked me through any questions I had. The process of ordering was straight forward and the product arrived quickly”

“The only feedback I would have it a possible discount for non-profit organizations like ours (Guelph Public Library). I think in the future more libraries would want to order stands for their devices but the price point is a bit high…I know companies like Staples give us small discounts to help…just a thought!”

As of May 1st, 2014, based on Meaghan’s valuable feedback, RTF now offers a 10% discount off hardware products for non-profit or educational organizations.