Global partnerships with RTF

Building successful, long lasting relationships

Our worldwide partners are a dynamic group providing retail solutions to stop shoplifting as well as systems to promote sales through digital media and the tools in order to collect critical retail data through organic customer metrics.

The demand for RTF’s loss prevention and smart retail software systems continues to grow. We are actively searching for distribution partners from Europe, South America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

The right blend of core values and complementary systems provide a solid foundation for our combined success.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor of RTF’s world class anti-theft retail systems we welcome your inquiry. Simply click here to contact us

Our International Approach

RTF strives to provide a high quality product at a reasonable price. Our recent efforts in international markets have encouraged us to continue to develop relationships with key reputable local companies that provide end-users with sales, service and access to local inventory.

In the end, it is imperative to provide our worldwide customers with the same service and respect our local customers receive.

Expanding Product Offerings

Our distributors typically have an established market presence in their specific field of expertise. Each distributor has recognized that complementary products (such as smartphone and tablet merchandise protection) offer a unique opportunity not only to create new business, but re-generate business from existing customers.

Distributors have utilized the versatility of our products to diversify their target markets and open doors to previously neglected market segments.

Partnering With RTF

RTF not only provides a line of proven products, but the experience in developing new geographical markets. We will assist in the training of staff, marketing and sales approach and even installation. We recognize the need to ensure our distributors are highly trained to represent our products to their customer base. RTF wants nothing more than to see our distributors succeed.

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