RTF | Leadership and corporate direction

Bill Dandie

President | VP, Sales and Marketing

Passionate, Innovative, Visionary [2019 Presidents Message]

Bill has worked in the retail display security industry for over 22 years and continues to stretch design and technology providing leading edge security products to secure, alarm, charge consumer products and trigger digital media in retail stores.

Bill’s vision is clear and believes products and companies need to be unique and innovate in order to provide the best customer experience.

SmartCircle is his greatest passion. RTF’s Retail Display Management system is a cross platform, wireless network that manages smartphones and tablets on display. SmartCircle unleashes the power of each device turning the hardware into digital media, customer metrics, security and store planogram systems.

Not only is this smart but also staggering amounts of wasted energy will be saved at the same time millions of pounds of harmful e-waste clogging our landfills will diminish.

In addition to running a worldwide company Bill spends time raising awareness that all men can make better choices contributing to a happier, more productive life and better relationships.

BetterMan.info came online in late 2013 and will raise both money as well as the character of men that participate.

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