President’s Message

RTF Global is not only Transforming Vision… it too is transforming.

January 1, 2019

As we enter our 23rd year of conducting business RTF is at the strongest point of its long history in the retail display security field.

Strength comes from within where our worldwide employees lead RTF’s pursuit to achieve excellence within product design, delivery and customer satisfaction.

As a group they have successfully launched RTF’s latest Vise iteration and company sales have increased, on average by 30% since 2016.

The team is proud, enthusiastic and dedicated to position RTF, a Canadian company, near the top of this growing and competitive industry. They are motivated by their passion and purpose but also feel connected to RTF as each one shares in the profits RTF earns.

I am honored to note a majority of employees have been with RTF for nearly as long as I and followed my path of starting at an entry level position and working their way up.

Worldwide sales growth is due to a strong home grown business along with global partner development. With two offices, RTF is able to directly service large customers such as Carphone and Dixon from the UK along with Freedom Mobile and PC Mobile in Canada.

Partner relationships are a key influence within our success and how we define ourselves as a corporate citizen. Over the years RTF has partnered with dynamic companies all over the world that share in our business ideologies and high standards.

Brazil continues to be an exciting market and alongside our partner RTF has installed over 100,000 display positions in an economy that protects its own domestic manufacturing sector by imposing high import taxes.

RTF continues to innovate and was awarded its most significant patent to date. Based on the epicenter of Vise5, the Connect’s creative locking technology was patented.

In the past RTF has paved the way for our competitors by pioneering many ground breaking technologies. We defined our industry and provided a Vise based direction in 2001 and again raised the bar by introducing a software solution in 2012 that manages display devices.

With this patent RTF now plans to actively invest in defending our IP and no longer allow our competition a free ticket to use our technology.

We stabilize and equalize our manufacturing strategy by adding products sourced in Mexico to our production core and by doing so factor out any supply interruptions due to growth as well as shift in eastern based manufacturing.

As for our environmental responsibility we continue to design products that are modular resulting in only discarding a part of the segment and not the entire assembly, focus on packaging that is minimalist, reusable and recyclable as well as run the operations of our worldwide business on a small Eco footprint.

RTF is posed to enter 2020 as a software and hardware leader and responsibly impact our world, employees, customers and suppliers.

To all our worldwide family that continues to be part of this exciting journey… thank you :-).

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