Environmental Responsibility

We can make a world a better place for generations to come

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program, we have made a major commitment to reducing the impact of our activities on the environment. We are promoting good environmental management practices across all of our products and business processes.

RTF takes its environmental and social responsibility seriously. If we can reduce the amount of waste that is produced, we are conserving resources and limiting the need to reuse or recycle. Working together, we can make our world a better place to live not only for each other, but also for generations to come.

  • Energy Consumption: RTF has implemented additional lighting control features to minimize electrical consumption throughout it’s facility.
  • Paper Consumption: RTF has reviewed the quantity of paper utilised in the manuals shipped with each product and has begun to substitute paper manuals with electronic versions, shipped with each unit.  This allows customers to view the information electronically, printing only the pages they require.  This reduction in paper use provides multiple contributions to our environmental policy as there is an associated reduction in energy consumption for copying services and a reduction in the chemicals used in the reproduction process.
  • Recycling and E-Waste: RTF will accept, returned products for recycling and disposal.  The recycling / e-waste program is part of our Return Material Authorization process. Please visit www.rtfglobal.com/support  for more information on how to participate in our recycling initiative.
  • Product Offering: RTF Global implements innovative, practical and cost-effective techniques in the design and manufacturing of its product. We strive to fabricate all our products locally to minimize the transportation and logistic footprints. In our efforts, we will continue to seek out processes and procedures which promote environmental sustainability and provide multinational business benefits.
  • Compliance: RTF Global will continue to manage all aspects of our operations to ensure environmental laws and recognized industry standards are met or exceeded.

Green RECOILER Initiative

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