RTF’s manufacturing process is changing the value of production through innovative automated material handling, which drives high volume parts production and quality. RTF’s main manufacturing channel is in China but significant changes are under way to bring more production back to North America.


RTF protection security systems and devices are designed to meet the demanding and mission critical application of high volume retail stores, exhibitions, and publicly merchandised handheld devices.

Our advanced systems are scalable to satisfy diverse user demands from small store applications to large, nationwide roll-outs using common parts and distributed assembly architecture.


When it comes to protecting the latest smartphones and tablets, compromise is not an option. At RTF, we understand our customers’ needs for reliable protection, charging and security technologies.

One of our key strengths is our Research and Development team. We are proud of our dedicated and professional team of engineers who deliver systems that meet the need of one of the fastest changing markets around. Our multiple product lines allow us to quickly integrate strengths of a specific product across our entire family to consistently offer the top level of quality and protection that customers require.


“As a premier designer and manufacturer of advanced merchandise security and protection systems, we are constantly looking for ways to improve upon our product quality and standard of excellence” – Bill Dandie, President.

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