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On Devicedisplays

The new age of on-device digital marketing in wireless retail stores

Modern wireless retail stores invest significant amounts of time and effort into designing impactful shopping environments. Every detail of the …

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Let RTF help calculate your “Retail Net Worth” and drive ad revenue

July 1st, 2016 With 6 months behind us, 2016 is a dynamic year for RTF as we continue to build …

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Android based, electronic digital price tags management

Today is the best  time to end the frustration of paper price tag management and move to our new SaaS service to remote …

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Apple iPad tablet mobile security in banks and financial institutions

Banking is becoming a more mobile, tech driven experience where the most common transactions are conducted through our smartphone or tablet. …

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Blackberry Passport charged and secured against mobile phone theft

At one point Blackberry was the go to mobile device for business people and in 2009 proudly held over 47% of the …

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Mobile phone retail planogram management

Today the only method wireless retailers like Bell,  TELUS,  Sprint or T-Mobile can verify a proper Smartphone planogram is through a phone …

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Mobile Phone and Tablet device charging

There are many mobile phone and device security solutions today that charge and electronically protect expensive consumer electronics such as tablets, …

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Mobile Device Management [MDM] in wireless retail stores

The “Internet of Things” [IoT] is a phrase Cisco coined over the past few years. Internet of Things, simply put, is …

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