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On Devicedisplays

The new age of on-device digital marketing in wireless retail stores

Modern wireless retail stores invest significant amounts of time and effort into designing impactful shopping environments. Every detail of the …

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Anti-theft devices for mobile phone security in retail stores

In a highly competitive smartphone industry leading device manufactures like Apple, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Huawei and LG continue to innovate to …

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LG connects your Smartphone and TV at Best Buy

One of the popular trends is using Smartphones as TV Remote Controls. How many times has the “clicker” been lost between the …

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LG Chocolate RTF

LG vs. Samsung, Retail Store Customer Metrics and Analytics

We all remember the LG Chocolate, that great little cellular phone that reminded us of our favorite candy bar. Early on LG …

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SmartCircle reports, Samsung is the most popular brand in retail stores

What is the most popular Smartphone or Tablet brand today? It is important to first determine how to gauge popularity, …

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