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SmartCircle, multimedia tablet display devices for retail

The SmartCircle, retail mobile device management and compliance control software solution empowers your displayed Smartphones and Tablets turning these mobile …

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Above counter, mobile phone and tablet display security

When planning your next wireless store design project more options are available since RTF supplies both traditional undercounter merchandise alarm solutions and …

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Anti-theft, mobile phone loss prevention solutions at Sprint

Sprint is a national wireless carrier operating in the US. RTF has recently entered into an agreement to provide retail …

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Mobile POS Credit Card Processing Hardware Security

If your small business currently does not accept credit cards you are losing sales. Mobile POS credit card systems have become …

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Mobile phone retail planogram management

Today the only method wireless retailers like Bell,  TELUS,  Sprint or T-Mobile can verify a proper Smartphone planogram is through a phone …

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Cisco Meraki MDM

A RTF partnership with Cisco Networks

Life can be funny sometimes and as the book “The Alchemist” shares; life is a journey, not a destination and …

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Mobile Phone and Tablet device charging

There are many mobile phone and device security solutions today that charge and electronically protect expensive consumer electronics such as tablets, …

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Digital electronic restaurant menu boards

Smart Digital Menu Boards in Fast Food Restaurants

Implementing electronic menu boards displaying Hot and Crispy Treats makes perfect business sense for small restaurant chains in order to compete with the industry’s fast food giants. …

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Big Retail Data

Big retail data – small, easily managed circles

Unlocking the potential of big retail data To understand this in the real world, look at wireless retailers. On the whole, …

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Electronic shaver and razor display security in retail stores

Even though more and more men are sporting beards, electric razors and shavers are still very important to man’s early …

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