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High demand, hardcore defence, HD smartphone security systems designed for the environment

RTF first introduced Vise in 2001

With 22 years of experience, leading the retail display management industry in high end security it is time to increase the gap and widen our lead.

In 2001, RTF introduced Vise. The first mechanical locking claw on the market soon became an industry standard where all competition followed.

We set the trend again, paving the way for all others to follow.

Is “quick release”, used to define a high security smartphone protection system an oxymoron?

Heavy duty or high security should not include a “quick release” reference within the system’s operational manual. Being able to release an expensive mobile asset quickly is like leaving the front door open to Fort Knox.

A true HD system is innately designed to deter theft first, secondly ensure the expensive device remains intact and lastly, undamaged.

HD security systems need to have limited connection points and release in a slow, methodical, timely process ensuring when a culprit hacks your security the “quick release”, operational feature you invested in is not your loss prevention nemesis.

Not only is high level security a key requirement to a successful iPhone theft strategy but also the cost and impact to move these security devices from the warehouse to your store.

How many times is the investment to ship not calculated into the final overall cost of implementation?

RTF’s strategy is two fold. One, is to reduce shipping costs due to responsible material selection and two, is to positively impact rising CO2 emissions.

Our competition designs products to make as much money as possible. As RTF has responsibilities to ensure profitability and sustainability we focus all our energy on the environment.

Although aluminum will cost 3x the amount of steel we feel that the savings to our customers and our planet hold higher regard than financing a private jet.

Choosing RTF for your next retail display management project isn’t just a good decision for your company but also a good choice for our planet.

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