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Galaxy Fold Kv Device

Samsung Galaxy Fold open merchandise security in wireless retail stores

Samsung Galaxy Fold display security

Do you remember your first flip phone? It was the coolest thing to open up the clamshell and start a virtual conversation with the Starship enterprise. “Beam me up Scotty“!!!

Now we have another chance to play with folding technology through the highly expected launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Fold later in April 2019.

Galaxy Fold open merchandise retail store security

Will this new tech stick or will device technology slip back to the same mould where all devices look the same whether they are Google, Apple, Samsung, Huawei or LG?

The “edge” type devices along with modular, snap on smartphone appendixes appeared and then quickly disappeared so your guess is as good as ours if this tech is for the ages.

One thing for certain is that a wave of foldables are coming and RTF will be ready to help secure and display the Samsung Galaxy Fold on the day of launch.

As the east and west regions of the mobile device are no longer accessible RTF will lock the Galaxy Fold at the top and bottom, north and south on a compass.

With this configuration the Fold can be properly positioned in the open, tablet mode or folded, in smartphone mode.

The customer has unencumbered access to the overall Galaxy Fold functionality plus the wireless retailer enjoys peace of mind through a high level of mechanical security to thwart shoplifting.

The team at RTF is truly excited for the next major shift of folding smartphone technology and the launch of Huawei Mate X where the mobile devices folds in the opposite direction leaving no landing surface for security.

You may think we are concerned, we’ve not and will update you on the next RTF blog!




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