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RTF’s 2018 Sales Summit on the Beach

The 2018, RTF Sales Summit just outside of Cancun Mexico was a huge success.

Chile, Brazil, Peru and UK partners

Dealers converged from all over Latin American onto two luxury beach houses to share ideas along with experiences as well as learn about RTF’s latest products and vision for increasing market share in 2019.

The meetings consisted of a deeper background to RTF’s 22 year history, our product innovation over the last ⅕ century as well as why to invest in RTF’s latest retail display security solution, Vise5.

RTF’s President, Bill Dandie, shared with the group his belief that other retail security merchandising companies, in our industry, such as Invue and MTI are designing their product for now and not the future.

RTF invested a considerable amount of funds and resources in a product platform – Connect, in order to ensure Vise5 does not have a shelf life and will be relevant for the next 10 years!

A full product line for 2019

The existing and new partners all agreed that this was the foundation they wanted to build a retail device security business upon.

Mr Dandie shared his relationship ideals with the Latin American dealers.

“RTF believes in strong, close and communicative relationships with like minded business people and through this bond we all prosper”.

An example of this important connection is listening to our customer – you. By listening not only does RTF stay relevant and competitive but our market position becomes more entrenched and both the partner and RTF flourishes.

Lunch with our partners

NGC, our Chilean reseller and probably one of the most in tune partnerships is strongly connected to the customer, their needs and the industry.

Based on this engaging formula, with NGC’s input along with rough designs RTF has entered into a royalty agreement for both Vise5 Q and Vise5 D.

The net impact for RTF is our product line expands through international collaboration, sales increase and our partners shares in the profitability and is not just merely thanked.

Royalty payments started in April 2018 and with a very strong sales year for RTF, NGC has seen an increase of 10x’s or 935% in the proceeds from Quarter 2 to Quarter 3.

Bill Dandie shared with the group how RTF supports and nurtures young people along with new partnerships.

Thiago and Julio from Green Retail

“One of our largest dealers are based in Brazil. As we all know Brazil protects domestic manufacturing by imposing high import tariffs. We met Green Retail over 4 years ago and the company consisted of two young, hard working men.

These two have built a successful business employing upwards of 25 staff and now have over 100,000 RTF installations throughout Brazil.

2017 was one of the most successful years which saw an increase in sales of 170% as well as ordering over 1 million dollars in product from RTF”.

Bill continued to talk on the point of timing –

“We all know from experience timing is key when entering and exiting an investment. The timing is now for RTF, Vise5 and SmartCircle. Over the last two years we’ve been perfecting the system, adding products resulting in increased sales of 30% per year over the last two years”.

Claudio from NGC in Chile

“If you were a group of my closest friends, sitting before me, I’d suggest two investment strategies.

One is clear – property and real estate. With money invested in real estate you can touch it… feel it and make it your own through renovation and improvement therefore seeing increased returns.

The other is becoming an EP or VAP with RTF. Unlike an investment in Google or Apple stock where you will see positive results without having control, investing money, committing to RTF and buying stock, like real estate… you are in control and create your own destiny along side of a partner with experience… RTF.

When you invest, the inventory that you hold will never become obsolete. With Connect being the core of Vise, this critical, high volume part is the center of your stock. Purchase a good supply of Connect, then high moving accessories and you, your customer along with RTF will all be satisfied”.

Our brand

What is RTF looking for in a new partner?

First, we are looking for RTF brand ambassadors. In 2016 Bill provided his perspective of a company’s brand.

“A brand is the overall skin of a company, it is what the customer recognizes and

trusts based on the delivery of quality products and services.

If the overall complexion of the company’s brand changes or becomes inconsistent, in time, the customer will not recognize or trust that company”.

Secondly, a strong two way communication and openness to the market.

Furthermore, companies with a strong business ethic, commitment to their employees and a responsibility to the environment.

Lastly RTF is looking for worldwide companies who buy stock and not project based inventory.

Mr Dandie ended the meeting with significant reasons why to invest in RTF at this time –

  • Over 20 years of industry experience
  • Financially strong and well funded
  • RTF staff tenure is close to ten years on average
  • Leader in the industry
  • Large network of like minded business people
  • Potential recurring revenue through royalty agreements
  • Strong visual brand
  • Innovative and attractive products
  • Connect
  • New product development
  • Close relationships and mutual respect
  • Small company mentality
  • Me and my team

Link on the image for all the event photos

After hardware and software meetings there was ample time to enjoy the property, each other’s company, do a little dancing, experience live Mariachi along with golf and fishing.

Thanks for all who contributed!!! From a business and personal side, RTF’s 2018 Summit will not be soon forgotten.

To view all the amazing photos online like RTF’s Facebook page.


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