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Apple iPhone device security in retail stores

First off, congratulations to Apple for becoming the first company in history to be valued at over 1 trillion dollars. Just to give you an idea of what that figure looks like here are all the zeros…1,000,000,000,000.

The latest iPhone being secured by RTF’s Vise5 GQ

Not far behind are other companies like Microsoft, Alphabet and Amazon. As you can see the biggest businesses are in mobile hardware as well as software and RTF is proud to support these dominant worldwide ventures.

Apple began their rapid climb to the world’s most valuable company back in 2007 with the introduction of the iPhone. This device changed mobile and today the iconic smartphone is still one of the most desirable mobile phones on this planet.

RTF has been securing Apple iPhones in retail stores since the first version was introduced and continues to offer wireless retailers such as PC Mobile, Freedom Mobile, Carphone Warehouse and Victra the most attractive, secure and easy to use mobile phone security solution.

Apple iPhone locking bracket

There are two options available. One is “lift” where the customer can pick up the device and the second is “lock down” and the smartphone is securely fastened to the counter. Which option is best for you? RTF has over 20 years experience in retail display security and our opinion is to lock down this sought after device because it is at a high risk of theft.

RTF’s modular and expandable Vise5 anti-theft system quickly and easily attaches to the iPhone and then is locked onto the display. Customers have the ability to interact with  the iPhone 8 or iPhone 10 as the smartphone rotates to clockwise and counterclockwise.  The thief on the other hand cannot interact with the device as intended and quickly leaves to steal an iPhone from another store.

Upon ordering our clients invest into our robust, smartphone security bracket, Vise5 G then adds the Vise5 Q to control vertical movement. Like the iPhone 4, the 8 and 10 are designed with a glass back and therefore normal tape applications are not effective and result in the device moving up or down.

When the Q arms are applied this movement is stopped and the device is secured.

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