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RTF collaborates with student filmmaker to present VR experience

RTF was approached in October 2017 to help University filmmaker Eddie Seitz provide a highly flexible security solution for their VR web series called Living in the Moment – The Experience.

A satisfied viewer of Seitz’s Living In The Moment

The display that was created was highly technical, and required non-invasive and alarmed security for the VR headsets that were to be used. This film project uses the latest technology in the realm of entertainment, and delivers poignant source material that is applicable to people all over the world. The series features a diverse story line that highlights the struggle for inclusion and acceptance for members of the LGBT community. It’s a women driven, truth telling, and relatable web series that reminds viewers that growing up comes from learning to accept failure. 

The LCE security solution with alarm hub is seen protecting Seitz’s Oculus headset

Living in the Moment received funding for the project through the Albert P. Weisman Award at Columbia College, Chicago. Seitz took home the “Best in Show” award for creating a media project that pushes the boundaries of traditional film mediums, filming the series in 2D and 360 degrees.

He curated the 360 version into the Weisman Gallery for exhibition with two VR headsets on display, and thousands of people walking through the gallery at any given time. Seitz needed the viewers to be able to immerse themselves into the virtual world without worrying about product theft.

Though VR headset prices may vary from headset to headset, LTIM opted to use the high end Oculus version to deliver the best experience possible. Thanks to the Vise LCE system, he was able to secure the headsets into place and still allow the viewers to interact. Vise LCE is an alarmed cable solution that can be clamped upon itself to be used on obscure shapes, or use the adhesive VHB tape to secure upon any flat surfaces. LCE is perfect for applications such as this.

Seeing the project through to the end and having RTF as a partner made Seitz’s vision a true success. One of Eddie’s highlights was “watching people move around as if they were in the world of the film, not realizing how immersed they were in the film. Not only were they watching LITM, they were actually living in the moment. ”

Seitz’s Living in the Moment has been extended through until February 2018. You can check out the series now as an Amazon Prime Exclusive or also on YouTube, and if you find yourself in Chicago you can check out the gallery at 618 S Wabash, 2nd Floor, Chicago Il 60605.

RTF leapt at the opportunity to donate  its time and materials and help Eddie achieve success with his revolutionary film project.  We encourage any potential partner to reach out and see how we can bring your vision to fruition.

Congratulations to Mr. Seitz on the success of Living In The Moment – The Experience!

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