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Apple iPhone 10 X smartphone security and merchandise protection

iPhone X mobile phone device security

Marking the 10th anniversary of the iconic Apple smartphone, the Cupertino based company launches the new iPhone X to commemorate a milestone in technology.

Like the iPhone 4 the iPhone X, or the non-roman numeral version, iPhone 10 incorporates a glass back which creates complexities for security companies such as RTF to create smartphone security solutions to protect this expensive device in retail stores.

Because the back is glass and 3M tape has difficulty adhering to this surface RTF has launched a bespoke mechanical cage to perfectly fit and protect Apple’s iPhone X.

Built on the Vise5 chassis S arms mechanically engage with the systems core which is called Connect and pulls from the top and the bottom of the Apple iPhone 10 to create an overall mechanical security advantage.

In stores around the world that utilize RTF Vise5 S anti-theft solution, wireless retailers experience a drastic drop in shoplifting and actually push thieves to other devices, such as Samsung that are not protected by such a bulletproof retail security device.

Apple iPhone 10 security

Vise5 Q securing iPhone X

The Vise5 locking mechanical bracket sets up in seconds and staff intuitively understand this simple and strong loss prevention system.

Coming in February 2018, RTF introduces the Vise5 Q. This four arm mechanical gripper secures the mobile device from all sides and most importantly this locking claw is adjustable and reusable.

When your retail wireless store experiences theft of the new Apple iPhone 10 contact RTF for the most practical, affordable and easy to use retail security display solution.

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