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The new age of on-device digital marketing in wireless retail stores

Wireless on-device digital marketing

Modern wireless retail stores invest significant amounts of time and effort into designing impactful shopping environments. Every detail of the overall store aesthetic, from signage to store fixtures, are fine tuned in order to give the customer the best shopping experience possible.

When smartphones from manufactures such as Google, Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Motorola, LG, Blackberry and HTC are merchandised and playing unrelated content, the cohesion of the store design is lost. Live retail mobile phone displays typically have a specific OEM retail mode message preloaded when leaving the factory. After the top mobile phones are placed into a planogram, side by side, this is when the design vs. device battle ensues.

Once store design communicates a specific message and the devices communicate another, there tends to be a disconnection between the customer and a sale. Customers who are bombarded by a multitude of different messages are likely to become frustrated, therefore significantly decreasing the chance of a purchase.

This is where SmartCircle enters the equation, offering an on-device digital marketing formula to unite design and device.

SmartCircle is a subscription based software layer that ensures on-device digital marketing, and electronic price tag campaigns are delivered to merchandised smartphones. Whether the electronic message is on individual devices, synchronized with wall-mounted flat screen monitors, or among all devices within the planogram, SmartCircle has the ability to drive desired marketing strategies as needed.

SmartCircle on-device displays can be deployed in numerous scenarios

On-device customer insight gathering

This is achieved through a four step strategy:

  1. Attract

In today’s day and age, consumers want to digest information quickly. SmartCircle utilizes on-display smartphones in order to deliver dynamic, eye catching content that changes over a specified period of time. 

Customers walking past wireless retail stores do not increase sales. With SmartCircle installed on merchandised smartphones, mall visitors become customers through quickly connecting to seamless brand messages playing within the store design and on the manufacturer’s device.

  1. Engage

As soon as the customers are attracted to the device, the next step is to attain meaningful engagement. Visually appealing interactive digital content allows the customer to process valuable information quickly. Once the user is engaged, their interactions will trigger specific messages or marketing content on the device or to nearby screens.

  3. Convert

After being attracted and engaged, it is time to highlight pricing along with key features to move the sale process along. Electronic digital price tags that deliver accurate, up to date pricing information are presented directly on device, therefore removing the burden of managing paper price tags.

In addition to easily deployed pricing strategies, SmartCircle also can display device features and plan rate information within the digital price loop.

  1. Measure

Comprehensive metrics illustrate overall store compliance

Every user interaction provides SmartCircle servers with incredibly valuable metrics, which companies can use in order to influence business decisions.

Anything from planogram compliance, overall interaction times, number of sessions, and even device health. All this data can be accessed via the SmartCircle dashboard. Head office can implement this valuable information to provide lower performing stores with strategies to achieve better compliance, as well as determining when a potential theft took place via CCTV/DVR integration. 

SmartCircle dashboard identifies unique IMEI numbers that are specific to each device, which makes tracking thefts much easier to manage.

One method SmartCircle employs to measure engagement is dwell time or bounce rate. The longer customers interact with displayed smartphones, the greater the odds of an in-store sale.

On-device digital signage

The extracted data is used to gauge campaign success and apply techniques to tweak future campaigns to ensure even greater return on investment.

To most people who are new to the realm of SmartCircle, the massive collection of data may be overwhelming. It’s critical to have a pool of data to draw upon, but what retailers do with the information sets them apart from the competition.

Available Business Intelligence (BI) reports apply a detective-like approach when observing the data. Employing BI strategists to assess trends, identify key areas for improvement and observations on device health, compliance and campaign success will take the leg work out of data analysis at head office.

Consider SmartCircle on-device, digital marketing solutions as the “6th man” on your team; or a “silent salesman”. While staff may be the first point of contact, SmartCircle software is constantly working in the background to compliment physical marketing material. Updates and campaigns are made online and service reports are delivered daily, weekly, or monthly. SmartCircle digital price tags and marketing campaigns are the best way for retailers to maximize revenues, eliminate unnecessary costs, and save money via theft deterrence and metrics analysis.

Overall, integrating SmartCircle into retail device management will ensure the best shopping experience within the wireless store environment. SmartCircle promotes digital sales and provides marketing assistance so retailers can rest easy knowing that these needs are met.

SmartCircle software integration provides much more than just digital price tags


“I wish to express my comments regarding the perception of the services that Telefónica Costa Rica has contracted through SmartCircle. From the initial process, design and implementation, attention and dedication of your group has been excellent.

Your commitment to listening to our needs ensured the launch of our digital program was a success from the beginning. The installation in our 40 stores strengthened our device exhibitions, digitized it and made the experience more interactive to our shoppers. 

Regarding the post-sales and handling, the escalation of service requests has proven to be immediate and personalized attention was offered to find solutions for every challenge.

Overall, we were extremely pleased with the product we purchased.”

Marketing Manager
TelefónicaMovistar Costa Rica

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