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Samsung Galaxy S8 display security in retail stores

In April of 2017, Samsung unveiled their latest addition to the realm of smartphones with the Galaxy S8, and it has taken the tech industry by storm. Many are so bold as to call it the best phone ever made, but what really sets this phone apart from the competition? Let’s take a look.

RTF Europe is using the Vise5 G for the Galaxy S8 retail display

The first thing that stands out is the “Infinity Display”. Samsung has managed to make the face of the phone almost entirely touch with an ultra-high resolution AMOLED screen. This makes the phone appears sleek, and digital media looks incredibly vibrant. Taking mobile security a step further than fingerprint scanning, Samsung has incorporated an iris scanner & selfie verification to speed up access to your phone.

Since there is little-to-no bezel on the phone, setting up retail display solutions can be extremely difficult without damaging the screen. RTF has created a custom high security solution for Samsung called the Vise5 S; which is the best option for Galaxy S8 display security in retail stores. The basic Vise5 solution will work, or the adhesive based Boomerang line can also get the job done.

The original iPhone with timeless style of the Display3 mount

It’s hard to believe that 10 years ago the first iPhone was released, and set forth a chain of events that would lead us to where we are today. It wasn’t until a few years ago that Apple had true competition in the smartphone world, but Samsung has made gigantic strides toward levelling the playing field in terms of technical performance, camera quality, and overall user experience.

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 with its custom Vise5 S security arms

Like these tech giants, we here at RTF have been focused on creating solutions that evolve by building upon past successes. We have made revisions, tweaked products to make them more cost effective, and now the Vise5 solution is a product we believe will be a mainstay for years to come. Rather than trying to play keep-up with tech innovations, Vise5 was built with the future in mind; meaning that our engineers have created a solution that has the ability to adapt with the ever-changing retail security landscape.

Many consumers have opted for phablet style devices because of their multi-functionality. Samsung has taken this idea and incorporated a desktop interface for when connected to their “DeX” dock. When attached, users can access files and digital content, use optimized apps, and even surf the web. It seems Samsung has begun ushering a new generation of smartphones by moving toward laptop obsolescence, and creating a true all-in-one device that can fit in your pocket.

The DeX dock allows the S8 to function as a desktop computer

Samsung has made strides toward making futuristic concepts a fully functional reality, and the Vise5 line of retail display security solutions welcomes these advancements with open arms (pun intended). RTF encourages retailers to pursue our custom display solution options to ensure highly valuable items such as the Galaxy S8 remain intact and operational without the fear of theft.

To get a quote on custom solutions, please contact us or fill out a request for information form.


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