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Providing retail security to the world for the past 20 years

Vise3 serving Microsoft in 2005

Iconic Vise circa 2007

RTF has a long history in retail security and was first incorporated in 1997 as Product Theft Deterrence Ltd. or PTD.  The “P” stood for Peter, “T” for Tim and “D” for Doug, the three founding partners in this joint venture set out to provide a clean looking, smaller, less obtrusive retail security device.

PTD designed the first Boomerang for the next generation Bell store called “Bell World” that brought landlines, Internet, satellite and mobile into one convenient location. The previous system incorporated a large recoiling tether that was affectionately coined the “toaster” for its size. Also the retail security sensor at the end of the retractor wasn’t detachable and utilized a tie wrap or zip tie to secure the tape pad to the merchandised cellular phone of the day.

Bell wanted a custom solution to meet their needs and PTD answered.

A US patent was awarded to PTD in 1998 and retail security merchandising became simpler because of the world’s first disconnectable sensor. The retail security industry now, 20 years later, all utilize a detachable sensor to secure retail merchandise in stores.

In 1999, to separate retail services from product design and logistics Flex D Tech Inc. was incorporated and both companies ran side by side until 2008.

Retail Task Force [RTF]

In 2001, Vise was added to RTF’s product line in response to customer frustrations due to industry “false alarms” and at this time mobile phone providers asked for a mechanical, flexible locking claw.

Apple’s final design incorporated in retail stores

By developing this versatile, reusable merchandise security bracket Retail Task Force, the brand umbrella for both PTD and FDT, was first to market and provided the path for all other retail security companies such as MTI and Invue to follow.

By 2008, in order to provide one seamless identity and less customer confusion the two companies were amalgamated into one forming RTF Global Inc.

Working with Apple in 2011 to develop their own tailormade instore, retail security solution RTF at first was awarded the contract to design and distribute its stylish aluminum mounts and Vise3 technology worldwide.

Due to a one sided Non Disclosure Agreement and a clause that allowed Apple to “use any technology presented” Apple moved RTF’s designs to the US retail security company MTI and awarded the Hillsboro outfit this lucrative worldwide contract.

Where it all began 20 years ago

In 2013, sensing a big shift towards utilizing displayed smartphones as retail tools, RTF was first to market introducing the Retail Display Management [RDM] solution – SmartCircle. In 2017, SmartCircle and all its assets including a recently awarded US patent have been moved to SensorMedia Inc., a separate company focused on software subscription growth.

Within a 20 year period a company witnesses many shifts and trends. For example the progression from analogue to digital cellular phones, the rise and fall of Blackberry, the first touchscreen smartphone, the emergence of Chinese manufacturers and the ongoing need for US retail security companies to litigate Intellectual Property that RTF paved the path and they simply patented.

Vise5 smartphone security

As for the next 20 years, Vise5 is RTF’s rebirth and will be the foundation on which the company builds its global strategy. This simple solution is already attracting a lot of attention as well as a network of worldwide designers who all contribute to the evolution of this significant industry milestone.

We wish to thank all of our worldwide employees, suppliers and most importantly our customers that have supported RTF from the beginning, to this point in the company’s history.

Thank you, Gracias, Obrigado, 谢谢, Merci, Благодаря, Vielen Dank, Grazie





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