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Retractable cable and mechanical recoiler solutions for power tools

Makita power tool security

Celebrating 20 years in 2017, RTF has many acclaims along with accomplishments and one of the loss prevention company’s greatest is the longevity of its aircraft cable mechanical recoilers.

Designed in 2003 to compliment our fledgling Vise line the RTF recoiler has been used worldwide with an impeccable record of lasting for many years of active use in retail stores.

What is a recoiler, retracting tether or a pull box? Invented in the 1960’s by one of the industry’s well established anti-theft companies, Se-Kure Controls, this small box with a spool, spring and aircraft cable is used worldwide to tether retail merchandise and keep the countertop clear of cord clutter.

Dewalt power tool security

RTF, entering the recoiler industry close to 15 years ago has today made a name for itself for unquestionable quality, aesthetics and price.

Home Depot Canada, the home improvement giant re-fixtured their power tool department nearly 7 years ago and specified RTF’s cable retractor to secure and protect power tools while leaving the customer the freedom to interact with the tools. In the tool department iconic brands such as Makita, Dewalt and Milwaukee were tethered by using RTF 2.5mm aircraft cable recoiler and an aluminum swage.

As a testament of RTF’s commitment and providing our customer the best quality product at the best price the images that accompany this blog were taken in May 2o17 where over 90% of the original pull boxes remain fully functional and operational.

We invite you to investigate our dynamic line of RTF recoilers to protect your merchandise and keep your display attractive while providing years of hassle-free operation.


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