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A flexible iPad tablet holder stand bracket by the name of STAN_

Flexible iPad Tablet Holder

Flexible iPad tablet stnad holding a retro iPad

We’d like to introduce the latest member to the RTF family and we’re proud to announce that its a boy! STAN_ is a welcome addition to our Retail Display Management [RDM] line and serves as a great tablet or smartphone holder bracket and adjustable stand.

Stan_'s humble beginnings at a retro desk lamp

STAN_’s humble beginnings as a retro desk lamp

This low to medium risk tablet anti-theft device is perfect to present an iPad at your doctor’s office or to be used as a point of purchase tablet holder for your coffee shop or restaurant.

STAN_ is the brainchild of a young Canadian industrial designer and he received his inspiration from the retro and very flexible desk lamp all of us enjoyed growing up.

This famous Pixar lamp serves as a solid, versatile foundation to place either a smartphone or tablet within its sturdy grips. The tablet holder comes with a simple desktop base along with a vise clamp that serves for more permanent mounting applications.

Meet STAN_ Forbusiness at RTF

Meet STAN_ Forbusiness at RTF

STAN_ has a unique personality and is a great second set of hands while at your desk, workstation or positioned as a tablet greeter to provide valuable brand messaging to exhibition or tradeshow guests.

No matter what,  STAN is an exceptional entry level iPad, tablet or mobile phone security stand and is truly flexible in its mounting options as well as the direction you wish to present the tablet.

The worldwide team at RTF see’s our new bambino serving customer’s needs with a cool, hip, stylish and very flexible tablet stand.

Contact your local RTF representative and they will personally introduce you to STAN_, we think you will fall head over heals in love with him :).

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