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Let RTF help calculate your “Retail Net Worth” and drive ad revenue

July 1st, 2016

With 6 months behind us, 2016 is a dynamic year for RTF as we continue to build our Retail Display Management (RDM) platform.

RTF takes the management of its customers display devices very seriously and has launched a game changing and significant upgrade to its Vise line.

Mobile phone and tablet charging and security device

Mobile phone/ tablet charging and security device

Vise5 is RTF’s first hybrid retail shoplifting solution that incorporates both Boomerang and Vise into one simple system to control and secure smartphones and tablets in retail shops.

Vise5 establishes itself as a very competitive industry solution by being easy to fit, extremely flexible, compatible with Vise3/Vise4 charging mounts and setting the bar as the first retail display security device that is rekeyable.

That’s right, all other anti-theft merchandise security systems supplied by Invue, MTI and Vanguard are fixed to one basic release mechanism that typically includes a standard lock and key.

Vise5 is the first retail theft control system that can be rekeyed in order to change the lock pattern if thieves are able to get past the first lock configuration.

SmartCircle continues to gain momentum since RTF was awarded the global contract to manage digital price tags within Telefonica’s European as well as South American divisions in 2015. Within our second annual renewal term Telefonica is extremely satisfied with the performance of digital price tags, planogram management and compliance monitoring.

RTF has started to help other large telcos calculate their ‘Retail Net Worth’ using a unique SmartCircle network formula. Based on business intelligence metrics gathered RTF is able to ascertain the customer value, engagement and convert that into ad revenue chargeable to device manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Huawei, SonyMotorola, Nokia and Google.

SmartCircle’s unique outsourced retail mode approach gives you control of all your retail display devices and turns them into lucrative marketing stations that bases ad revenue and content on RTF’s retail net worth formula.

We continue to develop strategic, worldwide relationships and have seen unparamounted success in our Brazilian manufacturing partnership where Vise LD is being produced in Brazil at rRTFPartnerecord amounts and this agreement will help our company break the 3 million production number for RTF’s iconic locking claw.

RTF introduced its Exclusive Partner program where key, worldwide distributors will experience high margins, higher service levels and be able to support value added resellers as well as end users within protected territories.

For more information on our ‘Retail Net Worth’ approach, strategic partnerships or how to secure an exclusive investment in selling RTF’s hardware and software please contact me directly.

Bill Dandie – President, RTF Global Inc.

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