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LG 360 VR [virtual reality] headset retail display security

3D Glasses Security

3D Glasses Security

The new mobile device by LG, the G5 comes with a series of great accessories and one of the most eye opening gadgets are the 3D, VR Goggles the LG 360 VR.

The future of 3D gaming and watching video content is moving away from the small device screen to a set of wearable glasses that connects you to your smartphone providing a movie theater experience.

An in store, customer experience is not complete unless the virtual reality headset is worn and the dynamic 3D environment is shared with the customer.

RTF has a long history in supplying retail loss prevention systems to deter theft while creating unencumbered customer interaction. A simple and affordable RTF anti-theft device is Vise LCE. LCE stands for Locking Cable Electronic as RTF provides a purely mechanical locking lasso cable as well referred to as Vise LC.

6 Port Alarm Controller for 3D VR headsets

6 Port Alarm Controller for 3D VR headsets

Vise LCE is a very flexible electronic locking tether that can either directly adhere to the display merchandise using 3M VHB or loop around and lock to expensive consumer electronics or priceless handbags.

In order to secure 3D goggles in retail stores Vise LCE illustrates greater flexibility and instead of locking around the VR goggles it fastens to the cable on the LG 360 VR ensuring a positive customer experience.

Simply open the Vise LCE with the security wrench and clasp around the cable on the LG 360 VR and press shut. Plug the Vise LCE cable into the 6 port, Controller5 and you will have carefree secure, merchandising of your 3D VR headsets.

The cost is affordable at under $25 USD per headset and can be ordered today from your local RTF office today –

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