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Anti-theft devices for mobile phone security in retail stores

LG G5 detachable battery

LG G5 detachable battery

In a highly competitive smartphone industry leading device manufactures like Apple, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Huawei and LG continue to innovate to capture market share.

A new LG smartphone recently launched and included a revolutionary, modular feature that allows the battery to be removed from the bottom of this smart device.

With the LG G5 being modular, other expensive apparatus’s can be docked into the bottom of this smartphone and therefore a need to protect the device and the detachable technology is required.

Since 1997 RTF has been providing wireless retailers secure and aesthetically pleasing hardware brackets to merchandise smartphones and tablets in retail stores. With the introduction of this new LG G5 format RTF quickly developed a simple, cost effective and attractive solution to safeguard against unauthorized removal of the G5’s battery.

LG G5 security locking bracket

LG G5  Vise4 locking, security bracket

Vise4 is part of RTF’s Vise history that has protected expensive consumer electronics in retail stores since 2001. This low cost, high value mechanical locking claw is a loss prevention solution and retail display security product that competes with low cost Chinese manufacturers and offers a higher level of quality and longer warranties. Some components of Vise4 include a lifetime warranty that covers key metal parts and with the new Recoiler4 and Recoiler5, Vise4 will provide years of benefit without the need to reinvest.

To address the modular design of the LG G5, a third locking arm quickly attaches to RTF’s Vise4 and holds the bottom of the device in position so that removal of the battery is prohibited.

This added feature can be purchased with a LG G5 kit or ordered separately to be outfitted to your current Vise4 system.

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