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The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame needs no introduction as the world’s foremost museum dedicated to collect, preserve and interpret how Rock & Roll music has impacted our world since opening in 1983.

RTF was honored when this institution approached us looking for a simple and secure solution for their Gift Shop that was not only strong but visually minimal.

After looking at a variety of competitive handbag security options that didn’t meet their criteria, RTF provided a suitable and cost effective solution utilizing Vise LC. RTF armed the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame retail store with a durable, non-obtrusive security tether that we’d dare to say totally rocked the shop and protected expensive handbags!

This flexible, locking loop was able to quickly wrap around handles securing handbag and garments while staying relatively invisible. Being extremely light weight and simple to install, Scott Scharmann, the Assistant GM at R&RHOF Gift Shop was singing songs of praise!

The store remodel is done and the cables worked out great!
When placed right you can barely tell that the cables are there. Thanks very much for the awesome product!”

It was our honor to work with such an iconic and culturally valuable institution. We wish them continued success in documenting some of humanities brightest musical moments.

They are the protectors of our most influential music history and RTF is glad to say that in a small way, we’re a part of protecting their profits with the Vise LC, anti-theft locking cable solution.

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