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Android based, electronic digital price tags management

Change prices remotely, right on the displayed smartphone

Change prices remotely, right on the displayed smartphone

Today is the best  time to end the frustration of paper price tag management and move to our new SaaS service to remote control electronic labeling in retail stores.

RTF’s Retail Display Management system, SmartCircle, is an enterprise tool for wireless retailers such as Telefonica to manage smartphones, smart watches, tablets and digital screens in their worldwide locations and drive store compliance to the elusive 100% level.

An important part of the RDM system is the feature where the price of the merchandise can be broadcast directly on to the screen of the smartphone, tablet and now smartwatch.

RTF’s new, low cost alternative to paper price label management is ready for download today and is simple, cost effective and will transform your in store, price card management from a tedious task to executable pleasure.

Try our shelf talker digital pricing experience by visiting and enjoy managing small to medium store price control from your head office.

For the small investment of $6.95 per year the return on investment will be significant so don’t delay, start digital pricing on Android devices today!




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