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Apple iPhone 6s locking bracket to prevent theft this Christmas

Open display merchandise security for Apple iPhone 6s

Open display merchandise security for Apple iPhone 6s

Apple, back in 2007, gave our world the current format that all smartphones are based on today and introduced the groundbreaking, iPhone.

Eight years later Apple along side of Android, own the mobile device industry while once great cellphone manufacturers like Blackberry and Nokia continue to struggle to enter the race to be our next smartphone.

The current version of the iPhone is the 6s and on a recent trip to China RTF’s President, Bill Dandie recognized the appetite for Apple products is insatiable. Nearly ever hand in China now proudly holds the latest Apple iPhone 6 and because of this high demand the theft of these popular touch screen cellphones is increasing especially as Christmas approaches.

During the busy Christmas holiday season which typically starts on Black Friday, retail shoplifting is at the highest rate because of opportunity and need. While crowds pile into hectic shopping malls distraction and obstacles are plentiful therefore an easy target for a shoplifters waiting to steal the expensive and coveted Apple iPhone 6s. Add to the holiday smartphone theft formula the need to pay for all the Christmas bills and you have a formula for retail disaster.

RTF provides wireless retail shops around the world retail display management (RDM) systems that merchandise and protect expensive consumer electronics in open display environments.

The Vise4, mechanical smartphone clamp solution grips the Apple iPhone 6s  from both sides of the device applying inward force along with pressure from the front to back.

RTF Apple iPhone 6s anti-theft, open display solution

RTF Apple iPhone 6s anti-theft, open display solution

Added security is available through  a custom metal bracket ensuring the perfect fit along with iPhone 6s protection. The metal cage is attractive, easy to install and works with the Vise4 chassis.

So existing customers are able to upgrade and new users will be able to enjoy backward compatibility when investing in the RTF iPhone 6s anti-theft, loss prevention system.

Contact your local RTF representative for more information.

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