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Canon and Nikon Digital SLR Camera and Lens Retail Display Security

When planning the direction of RTF’s latest Vise series – flexibility, security and ease of use where top of mind for the UK based design team.

Vise, first introduced to the retail loss prevention market in 2001 set the bar for display security that all other anti-theft competitors followed. The adjustable, smartphone security claw became the standard for the retail merchandise security industry and now 15 years later Vise5 is introduced, raising the bar further.

RTF offers retail display solutions that fall into two categories, Boomerang and Vise. Customers can select from tape based, affordable solutions to mechanical locking systems that secure and charge expensive consumer electronics.

Vise5 is the first hybrid retail display management system that combines Vise and Boomerang into one, easy to install and flexible merchandise security system.  Now wireless store customers can easily transition between Boomerang and Vise functionality without investing in additional equipment or financial resources*.

Within RTF’s Vise5 retail display security line key products will include Boomerang5, Boomerang5 + along with Vise5. Also added flexibility will allow big box electronic retailers to display smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, wearables and digital SLR camera’s with confidence.

Canon Digital SLR Camera Display Security

Canon Digital SLR Camera Display Security

In the Canon Digital SLR example below Vise5 Connect quickly locks to a bracket fastened to the camera’s tripod mount.

A Vise LL [see header image] can be added to the camera security device and provide the most aesthetically pleasing and secure camera lens device lock in the market today.

Expensive digital SLR cameras and lenses from manufacturers such as Canon,Nikon, and Sony can now be protected from shoplifting and theft within retail shops. Meanwhile full access to the camera and lens functions are still available and the merchandise is safe from theft.

For more information on the next phase of Retail Display Management [RDM] contact RTF for assistance.

*The standard Vise5 smartphone includes Vise and Boomerang functionality. For tablets, smartwatches and cameras other minor fitting are required.

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