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2015 has been a transitional year for RTF seeing the introduction and successful testing of Vise5, SmartCircle adoption by one of the largest wireless providers in the world and record growth in Brazil. Most importantly our anti-theft protection line now includes merchandise security solutions for smartphones, tablets, smart watches, SLR cameras, speakers and headphones.

In addition to these company milestones  RTF proudly introduces our new Vise4 pricing model,  OnePrice.

The new Vise5 takes the top position over the former Vise4 system and will be priced competitively within the Retail Display Management [RDM] marketplace. This principle is similar to the idea behind the introduction of the latest Apple iPhone models where the former series still holds considerable value and is discounted.

Vise5 takes the lead in RTF’s RDM hardware line

Introducing another industry first Vise5 will be subsidized alongside RTF’s SmartCircle software. For example when signing a three-year software contract RTF will discount the Vise5 hybrid system up to 25%. This is reflective of wireless carriers that discount smartphones such as the LG G4 or the Samsung Note for network subscriptions, RTF will now reduce the anti-theft device security costs when retail customers subscribe to the SmartCircle network.

OnePrice encapsulates RTF’s approach to competitively price our iconic Vise brand while making the system easier to order. As Vise5 leads RTF’s Retail Display Management [RDM] hardware system Vise4 still has many years of service throughout the world and with Asian suppliers becoming more sophisticated, providing good quality solutions RTF will know offer high quality shoplifting prevention systems at a comparable value.

Vise4 is a great, high value, low solution retail solution for smartphones

Vise4 is a great, high value, low solution retail solution for smartphones

Working closely with our manufacturing partners RTF has been able to reduce costs, increase efficiency and therefore pass along the value to the end user. OnePrice now combines our retail and wholesale price lists into one easy to understand solution where customers will experience up to a 50% cost reduction from retail.

OnePrice will have shipping departure points that include Canada and China where ordering directly from China, in bulk, will be the lowest cost option.

RTF is excited to provide our same aesthetically pleasing, very secure Vise4 product line at a more competitive price that will make your next smartphone or tablet, in store display security choice obvious, RTF OnePrice.

Contact RTF for more information as OnePrice is available from North America and China.

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