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Vise5, impenetrable smartphone device security in retail stores

Where do you believe the hardest or most heavily hit country in the world for smartphone theft is? Take a guess… wrong – it’s the UK.

The United Kingdom loses more handheld mobile devices, from retail store displays, such as the Apple iPhone 6 and the Samsung Note Edge than any other country in the world. Since 2011 RTF has been helping top UK retailers combat smartphone theft through its Vise3, Vise4 and now the Vise5 Retail Display Management [RDM] solution.

Huawei smartphone display protected by Vise5

Huawei smartphone display protected by Vise5

Now that you know the country with the most alarming rate of smartphone shoplifting what if we focus on the one store street location with the highest targeted smartphone and tablet theft? Would you agree that this store location serves as the best case to test RTF’s new Vise5 RDM system? Yes, we believe so too and here are the positive results.

On April 15th, 2015 the RTF team entered the worst store, in the world for smartphone theft and installed the new Vise5 adjustable claw, mechanical locking system. The Vise5 perfectly fit Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, and Apple smartphones and literally set up in minutes without any tools other that the innovative RTF security driver. Vise5 is low profile, intuitive, flexible and simply bulletproof! What do we mean by bulletproof… here are the findings after the first day of testing.

In the past this store would lose multiple mobile devices per week and stopped displaying cell phones because of the fear of theft. Once mobile handsets are no longer on display both activation’s and sales drop meaning a significant downturn for business.

Samsung smartphone being held my Vise5

Samsung smartphone being held by Vise5

During the next day after the Vise5 installation thieves recognized new mobile phones were merchandised in the store and entered to remove the devices from the display stands. Three attempts were made at the most sought after smartphones such as the Apple iPhone 6, the Samsung S5 and in each of the attempts the thieves failed and left the store empty handed.

In the ten weeks that followed only one smartphone has been stolen and from the store staff reports they heard a “loud crack” and noticed the culprit leaving the store. The sound indicates the smartphone was broken out of the Vise5 gripper and therefore any benefit from selling the mobile phone was denied as the device and screen would be nonoperational. It is quite obvious when you set up an impenetrable defense the attempts to get through lessen and the thieves move to other wireless retailers to steal smartphones from less powerful, anti-theft solutions.

Vise5 will be the best smartphone and tablet loss prevention solution in the market. Strength and ease of use are only part of the RDM equation, Vise5 also incorporates the most flexible array of accessories than any other system in the industry today. For the strongest, most attractive and expandable RDM system contact your worldwide RTF representative for more information.


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