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RTF Announces Vise LCE, Versatile Retail Security for Showcasing High Value Goods In-store

Dual-connection solution secures hundreds of products without affecting customer interaction

Bluetooth speaker alarm sensor for retail stores

Bluetooth speaker alarm sensor for retail stores

Vise LCE can maximise store and product appeal and boost sales without affecting the aesthetic of attached items or retail fixtures, and is capable of being fitted to hundreds of products regardless of size or design. It is ideal for situations where a dedicated security or display mount would not be suitable, filling an important gap in the market for retail theft prevention and product display.

Vise LCE’s versatile design features a dual-attachment system that includes an adjustable locking loop to wrap around handles, through button holes or attach to any secure opening. Alternatively Vise LCE can be attached using a pressure sensitive adhesive pad constructed from 3M VHB tape where secure tethering isn’t possible, further expanding the range of products that can be secured.

Dual electronic sensors ensure total security by sounding an alarm if the locking loop is opened or the pressure sensor activated, and a custom-made security wrench is required to lock the LCE box onto the cable, ensuring that the safety loop cannot be tampered with using conventional tools.

Ease of use along side of functionality

Ease of use along side of flexibility

Designed to match the attractive appearance of the display merchandise while remaining as invisible as possible, Vise LCE continues RTF’s tradition of delivering stylish yet versatile products that deliver added security without compromising retail opportunities.

“Our Vise series is leading the line for modern security and display solutions at retail but we wanted to deliver something that ‘filled the gap’ in situations where less typical products might need to be secured,” said Liam Cross, Managing Director for RTF’s European operations. “We believe we’ve delivered that with Vise LCE. It’s flexible enough to be used in a wide range of ways yet still provides the security required by the retailer and opportunity for product interaction desired by the customer.”


  • High security adjustable lasso
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive pad for alternative attachment
  • Dual electronic sensors for total security
  • Custom-made security wrench prevents unauthorised removal
  • Versatile design fits hundreds of products without affecting customer interaction


  • Wireless, bluetooth headphone retail display security
  • Bluetooth speaker, anti-theft security device
  • Laptop, Notebook, Chromebook electronic alarm sensor
  • Designer handbag active lasso alarm


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