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LG connects your Smartphone and TV at Best Buy

LG, Store in Store at Best Buy

LG, Store in Store at Best Buy

One of the popular trends is using Smartphones as TV Remote Controls. How many times has the “clicker” been lost between the seat cushions resulting in a journey towards the TV to manually change the channels.

Mechanical, locking arms to secure Smartphones

Mechanical, locking arms to secure Smartphones

TV Remote’s, unlike Smartphones are expendable and the general public is so connected to their favourite Smartphone such as the LG Flex that it sometimes feels like an umbilical cord connects human and machine.

LG and Best Buy teamed up and developed a LG oasis or a store in store experience. In this exclusive area you can play with all the latest LG technology such as their line of Smart TVs and the exciting Smart Share system developed by LG.

LG Smart Share is a great way to access all of your music, videos and photos from the comfort of your home. It sends all of your favourite multimedia from your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone directly to your TV, and, best of all, it’s wireless!

LG is taking innovation to the next level with Smart Share. This powerful function on LG Smart TVs gives you wireless access to the content stored on your digital devices, including digital cameras, mobile phones and tablets. That means you can bring them right to your home’s largest screen with a simple click. Additionally, you can directly transfer stored content from your PC, and access simultaneous meta data – including actor profiles and plot synopsis – about whatever movie you’re watching. With LG Smart Share Smart TV Support, you can free yourself from complicated cable connections and simplify your life.

RTF and LG have worked together for many years and the recent Best Buy project encompassed both RTF’s anti-theft hardware solutions, Vise and Boomerang.

TV Remote Control Tether Cable

TV Remote Control Tether Cable

Vise uses locking mechanical claws to securely grasp Smartphones such as the LG G2 in retail stores. The design uses two points of locking force ensuring the mobile phone is perfectly presented and secure therefore drastically reducing shoplifting.

Boomerang was incorporated to control Smart Remotes and to add flexibility when merchandising the TV remote controllers. Boomerang set up in minutes and securely adheres to the product using 3M VHB two sided tape.  To move the display merchandise simply use a secure tool, disconnect and connect in the new planogram position.

RTF works with worldwide electronics retailers and provides the most innovative security, digital messaging, customer metrics and device management systems through class leading retail products such as Vise4 and SmartCircle.

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